The IV Russian-German Conference on electric propulsions and their applications “Electric Propulsions. New Challenges”will be held to discuss fundamental issues related to the development of electric propulsions (EP) of various types and their application on board spacecrafts designed for researches and explorations in the adjacent and deep space. Trends and status of works on the development and study of electric propulsions of different types will be discussed during the Conference, including issues related to the available onboard power, EP integration with SC and its systems, as well as to the ballistic designing of future missions. Results of the most important projects realized earlier will be presented also.

The Conference will be held from 25 June to 29 June 2012 in the form of plenary meetings and technical sessions with oral presentations. An excursion to the enterprises of the Russian Space Agency will be organized for the Conference participants on 30 June.

About 100 specialists from branch and academic institutions, research centers, educational institutes, and representatives of space industry from the Russian Federation, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Japan, China and other countries will participate in the Conference.

The Moscow Aviation Institute and the Justus-Liebig University Giessen are the organizers of the Conference. Scientists from the universities of Stuttgart, Princeton, Tokyo will participate in it, as well as the representatives of space agencies: DLR, ESA, NASA, JAXA, and specialists of the known companies SNECMA, Astrium Satellites.

Russia will be represented by the specialists from RIAME MAI, Keldysh Research Center, Kurchatov Institute, the Rocket-Space Corporation “Energiya” named after S.P. Korolev, Reshetnev ISS, TsNIIMash, Experimental Design Bureau “Fakel”, Lavochkin Scientific and Production Association, etc.

All Conference meetings will be held on board a cruise ship “Alexander Benua” along the Volga River starting from Moscow and traveling to Kostroma, with stops in Myshkin and Yaroslavl, and back. Sightseeing excursions will be organized during stops.