Александр Бенуа

“Alexander Benua” - It is a comfortable three-deck ship built in Czechoslovakia. It was completely modernized in 2005-2006.

All ship cabins are of extended area and equipped with all modern conveniences (WC-and-bathroom unit with shower cabins, air conditioner, satellite TV, convenient furniture). Modern materials are used for interior decoration of the ship, but historical elements of the ship decoration are retained partially and restored.

There are two restaurants for 150 persons, two bars, conference hall, panoramic saloon, satellite navigation facilities, cable and satellite television, rental center, medical aid post, and the open-air sunroom on board.


The ship time schedule

25 June Moscow     10:00 (departure)

26 June Myshkin      11:00-14:30

27 June Kostroma    09:00-12:30

27 June Yaroslavl     17:00-22:30

29 June Moscow          14:00 (arrival)