This an amazingly hospitable town founded in 1777 in the Yaroslavl region on the left bank of Volga river will delight tourists with numerous museums, old houses and exceptional benevolence of local people.

“Myshkin People’s Museum” is the visiting card of this town. It comprises five museums, which will not leave any person unconcerned.



Central part of the town is a whole architectural ensemble of the end of XVIII-XIX centuries. Seven main streets go like a fan from the central square.

A complex of shopping arcades being the largest in the central Europe survived long years and in a rather good state.

The immensity of Ipatievskiy monastery in Kostroma amazes.



Yaroslavl is one of the ancient Russian towns forming the “Golden Ring”, but it deserves special attention. For the first time this town was mentioned in the XI century. It bears the name of the famous prince Yaroslav the Wise. In 2010 the town celebrated its millennium. Historical center of the town located at the confluence of rivers Volga and Kotorosl is the object of UNESCO World Heritage. There are over 800 landmarks in Yaroslavl, which describe history and culture of our country. Many buildings still have their initial appearance since 16-19 centuries. During the sight-seeing tour you will be able to see true masterpieces of Russian architecture, culture, and history. From the board of the ship you will see the Volga quay built in 18-20 centuries. The place of Yaroslavl foundation is located here.