8th European congress of Mathematics

Тип мероприятия Конгресс
Город Portorož
Страна Slovenia.
Дата 20.06.2021
Дата окончания 26.06.2021
Дата окончания приёма документов 07.06.2021
Тематика математика
Направление Математические методы / Прочие
 The 8th European Congress of Mathematics (8ECM) will be held in Portorož, Slovenia which will be the world's largest event in mathematics in 2020. The European Congress of Mathematics is organized by the European Mathematical Society (EMS) every four years and is the second largest event of mathematics in the world.

European Mathematical Society is a learned society representing mathematicians throughout Europe. It promotes the development of all aspects of mathematics in Europe, in particular mathematical research, relations of mathematics to society, relations to European institutions, and mathematical education. The EMS has its members in around 60 national mathematical societies in Europe, 40 mathematical research centres and departments, and 3000 individuals.

The EMS is an affiliate member of the International Mathematical Union - IMU and an associate member of the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics - ICIAM.

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