International Conference

"Aviation and Cosmonautics"

Abstract submission

Deadline for application form and arrangement fee payment — September 1, 2018.

In case if the payment can’t be made in specified term, it is necessary to send a letter of guarantee to Organizing Committee.

Abstracts in volume of 1 page should be prepared in DOC format without formulas, drawings and hyphens.

Page setup and text options

The name of the report should be at the top of the page, surnames and initials of authors (author who speaks must be underlined) — on the next line, abbreviated name of organization, city and country — below.

Example of abstract design.

Abstracts should be represented to Organizing Committee in electronic form as attached file to the Application and expert opinion at the same time.

Abstracts issued with breach of the rules, abstracts without application form, and faxes are not considered. The Organizing Committee will inform the contact author about receiving of abstracts by e-mail (specified in the application form). In the absence of confirmation it is necessary to send abstracts and application again (in the reason of possible technical failures). The participant of the Conference can be the contact author of only one report and the co-author of several other reports.

In the case of participation without report the application only must be represented to Organizing Committee and arrangement fee must be paid.

The co-author who has not applied application form and not paid arrangement fee cannot be the participant of the Conference.