International Conference

"Aviation and Cosmonautics"

Organizing Committee

Yury Ravikovich (Vice-rector for scientific affairs) — Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Аlexander Efremov (Dean of the MAI faculty "Aircraft Engineering") — Head of direction "Aviation Systems"

Oleg Alifanov (Head of the MAI department "Space Systems and Rocket Engineering") — Head of direction "Rocket and Space Systems"

Alexander Bespalov (Director of the MAI Institute of Material Science and Material Technology) — Head of direction "New Materials and Production Technologies in the Areas of Aviation, Rocket and Space Technique"

Garry Popov (Director of the MAI Scientific Research Institute of Applied Mechanics and Electrodynamics) — Head of direction "Power Installations of Aviation, Rocket and Space Systems"

Konstantin Gavrilov (Director of the Training Research and Development Centre of the MAI faculty №4) — Head of direction "Information and Telecommunication Technologies of Aviation, Rocket and Space Systems"

Yury Sledkov (Dean of the MAI faculty "Control Systems, Informatics and Power Generation") — Head of direction "Control Measuring and Computing Systems and Complexes and Onboard Power Generation"

Konstantin Tikhonov (Dean of MAI faculty "Robotics and Intellegence Systems") — Head of direction "Robotics, Intelligent Systems and Aircraft Armament"

Sergey Krylov (Dean of the MAI faculty "Applied Mathematics and Physics") — Head of direction "Mathematical Methods in Aerospace Science and Technology"

Aleksey Tikhonov (Director of the MAI Business Engineering Institute) — Head of direction "Economics and Management at Enterprises of Aerospace Complexes"

Nadezhda Luneva (Engineer of the МАI PR-department) — Scientific secretary