International Conference

"Aviation and Cosmonautics"

Organizing Committee

Yury Ravikovich (Vice-rector for scientific affairs) — Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Alexander Shemyakov (Vice-rector for strategic affairs) — Co-chairman of the Organizing Committee

Аlexander Efremov (Dean of the MAI faculty "Aircraft Engineering") — Head of direction "Aviation Systems"

Veronika Monakhova (Director of the MAI Institute No. 2 "Power Installations of Aviation, Rocket and Space Systems") — Head of direction "Power Installations of Aviation, Rocket and Space Systems"

Yury Sledkov (Director of MAI Institute No. 3 "Control Systems, Informatics and Power Generation") — Head of direction "Control Measuring and Computing Systems and Complexes and Onboard Power Generation"

Vladimir Kirdyashkin (Director of MAI Institute No. 4 "Radioelectronics, Infocommunications and Information Security") — Head of direction "Information and Telecommunication Technologies of Aviation, Rocket and Space Systems"

Oleg Alifanov (Head of the MAI department "Space Systems and Rocket Engineering") — Head of direction "Rocket and Space Systems"

Konstantin Tikhonov (Dean of MAI faculty "Robotics and Intellegence Systems") — Head of direction "Robotics, Intelligent Systems and Aircraft Armament"

Sergey Krylov (Dean of the MAI faculty "Information Technology and Applied Mathematics") — Head of direction "Mathematical Methods in Aerospace Science and Technology"

Alexander Bespalov (Director of the MAI Institute of Material Science and Material Technology) — Head of direction "New Materials and Production Technologies in the Areas of Aviation, Rocket and Space Technique"

Aleksey Tikhonov (Director of the MAI Business Engineering and Humanities Institute) — Head of direction "Economics and Management at Enterprises of Aerospace Complexes"

Nadezhda Luneva (Engineer of the МАI PR-department) — Scientific secretary