Organizing Committee

Vyacheslav Shevtsov (Vice rector for scientific affairs) — Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Franco Bernelli Zazzerra — Head of the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of the Politecnico di Milano

Аlexander Efremov (Dean of the MAI faculty "Aircraft Engineering") — Head of direction "Aviation Systems"

Alexander Medvedsky (Dean of the MAI faculty "Astronautical and Rocket Engineering") — Head of direction "Rocket and Space Systems"

Garry Popov (Director of the MAI Scientific Research Institute of Applied Mechanics and Electrodynamics) — Head of direction "Power Units and Engines"

Konstantin Gavrilov (Director of the Training Research and Development Centre of the MAI faculty №4) — Head of direction "Information and Telecommunication Technologies"

Aleksey Tikhonov (Director of the MAI Business Engineering Institute) — Head of direction "Economic Problems of Aerospace Industry"

Sergey Krylov (Dean of the MAI faculty "Applied Mathematics and Physics") — Head of direction "Mathematical Problems of Aerospace Industry"

Nadezhda Luneva (Engineer of the МАI PR-department) — Scientific secretary